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Photo Bock-Darrell.jpg
Jewish Law and Jewish People in the New Testament
Darrell Bock joins Gerald McDermott for a conversation on the significance of the Law and the Jewish people in the Gospels and Paul. 
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Mutual Blessings in All of Creation
Messianic Jewish theologian Daniel Juster joins Gerald McDermott to discuss a variety of topics including mutual blessing between Israel and the nations, the power of words, and the Jewish roots of sacraments.  
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The Monkhood of All Believers
Greg Peters sits down with Gerald McDermott to discuss the monkhood of all believers and to give some practical guidance on how Christians can practice asceticism in the modern world. 
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Theology of the Sexes
Alastair Roberts joins Gerald McDermott to discuss how the study of Scripture and nature should shape our views on masculinity and femininity. 
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Redeeming the Feminine Soul
Julie Roys joins Gerald McDermott to discuss feminism, motherhood, and her journey of discovering what it means to be a woman.