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Photo House Paul
Beeson Magazine: Conversation with Paul House
Paul House discusses his article, Imperturbable Endurance: Fritz Onnasch, Bonhoeffer's Forgotten Friend, which he contributed to the 2021 Beeson magazine. 
Photo carol griggs
Faith and Wellbeing: A Conversation with Carol Griggs
This week's guest on the Beeson podcast is Beeson alumna Dr. Carol Griggs, who serve as the director of operations of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's University Health Services. 
Photo Jennifer Powell McNutt
Women in Ministry Conference: Conversation with Jennifer Powell McNutt
This week on the show, co-hosts Doug Sweeney and Kristen Padilla talk with Jennifer Powell McNutt about the plenary sessions she gave at the Women in Ministry Conference this summer at Beeson Divinity School.  
Photo Fuller Guthrie square
Alumni Conference: Conversation with Tom Fuller and Donald Guthrie
Co-hosts Doug Sweeney and Kristen Padilla chat with Tom Fuller and Donald Guthrie about the first annual Alumni Conference, which is scheduled Nov. 4-6 for Beeson alumni, and about resiliency in ministry.  
Photo Tim hall
Samford Spotlight: Get to Know Tim Hall
Co-hosts Doug Sweeney and Kristen Padilla sit down with Tim Hall, dean of Samford University's Howard College of Arts and Sciences, to discuss his work, research and faith.