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Proclaiming the Truth: The Appeal to Reason
Dean Timothy George introduces a lecture given by Dr. Laura Smit at Beeson for the William E. Conger Jr. Lectures on Biblical Preaching in 2016 called, Proclaiming the Truth: The Appeal to Reason. 
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Liturgy of the Ordinary
Dean Timothy George talks to Rev. Tish Harrison Warren about her book, Liturgy of the Ordinary.  
Photo David Dockery
The Worldview Study Bible
Dean Timothy George talks to Dr. David Dockery and Dr. Trevin Wax about the newly released Worldview Study Bible, published by Holman Bible Publishers. 
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Lead, Kindly Light
Dean Timothy George and Dr. Robert Smith Jr. introduce the last sermon Dr. James Earl Massey gave in Hodges Chapel in 2015 called, "Lead, Kindly Light."  
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Give Them Jesus
Dean Timothy George talks to Dillon T. Thornton about his new book, Give Them Jesus: Raising Our Children on the Core Truths of the Christian Faith.