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Cross-Cultural Ministry in the Yakama Reservation
Co-hosts Dr. Doug Sweeney and Kristen Padilla interview Beeson student Samantha Parsons and Dr. David Parks, director of the Global Center, to discuss Samantha's CCMP at Sacred Road Ministries, Yakama Reservation, in White Swan, Washington. 
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Cross-Cultural Ministry in Latin America
Dr. Doug Sweeney and Kristen Padilla speak with two Beeson Master of Divinity students, Kyle Young and Russell Mann, about their cross-cultural ministry practicums in Latin America this summer.  
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Passing the Mic: From Timothy George to Doug Sweeney
Dr. Timothy George speaks with his successor, Dr. Douglas A. Sweeney, in his last interview as the host of the Beeson podcast. 
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Through the Gates of Pearly Splendor
Dr. Timothy George and Dr. Robert Smith Jr. introduce the sermon Dr. George gave at Beeson Divinity School's Commencement and a Service of Consecration in spring 2019, Through the Gates of Pearly Splendor. 
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Does Translating Mean Betraying?
Dr. Timothy George introduces a lecture that Dr.Valérie Duval-Poujol gave at Beeson Divinity School in spring 2019 called, Does Translating Mean Betraying? Part I.