At Beeson Divinity School we seek to integrate academic rigor and excellence with faithful ministry preparation. That ministry focus and academic dynamism leads us to support and educate church leaders outside our walls in addition to the students inside. To this end, we are pleased to steward a grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc. to Strengthen the Quality of Preaching and a grant from the Kern Family Foundation on Faith, Work, and Economics. Both grants help us equip pastors and other church leaders in faithful gospel ministry in a rapidly changing world.

Faith, Work, and Economics

Revelation of God’s purposes for human life and human flourishing in Holy Scripture make clear that humanity’s inherent dignity, grounded in his creation in the image of God, is displayed and enjoyed as they work in response to God’s work. The Faith and Work initiative at Beeson encourages and facilitates the training of pastors at the intersection faith, work and economics through conferences, chapel speakers, curricular development in required courses and the offering of elective courses dedicated to this significant but neglected Biblical teaching.

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