Student Scholarship Fund

Goal: $100,000

  • All donations go directly to scholarships
  • Increased funding results in more students receiving aid and greater financial stability for the divinity school

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The Gary and Alta Faye Fenton Student Scholarship

Goal: $30,000

The Gary and Alta Faye Fenton Student Scholarship was established to both honor the ministry of Dr. and Mrs. Fenton, who served at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Homewood for 25 years, and to provide greater financial resources to future students so they may receive a master of divinity from Beeson Divinity School and graduate debt free.

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Timothy George Scholarship for Excellence

Goal: $500,000

  • Attracts top-tier students who need scholarship money
  • Provides comparable aid packages of sister institutions
  • Honors founding dean, Timothy George, while he is still serving
  • Helps the church by preparing ministers who finish their education financially debt free

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