We Are Interdenominational

Jacob Freeman
Beeson’s interdenominational atmosphere has strengthened and enlarged my view of the body of Christ. As members of that body, studying together enables us to better serve together.Jacob Freeman, M.Div. student

Our school was founded to represent the entirety of the orthodox Christian church. Our faculty and student body are Protestant Christian, evangelical and interdenominational. Our students learn in community with one another, faculty and staff who represent more than 20 different evangelical denominations but who together confess the orthodox tenets of the Christian faith and are passionate about the unity and witness of the church. The faculty teaches elective courses that help students learn their own and others’ ecclesial traditions. The divinity school joyfully expresses this identity and ethos within the context of a larger Christian university.

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We Are Confessional

Amy Jackson
My years at Beeson have been some of the most Christ-formed years of my life. What a gift to study under professors who love God’s Word and to learn in community with fellow students who have become my lifelong friends and partners in ministry.Amy Jackson, M.Div. Alum, Family Ministries Associate, Mountain Brook Baptist Church, AL

Beeson prepares God-called men and women for ministry in the church of Jesus Christ. We believe in the One Triune God of holiness and love: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are committed to the great tradition of historic Christian orthodoxy. Therefore, we believe in the central doctrine of justification by grace through faith, the tenet by which the church either stands or falls. We also believe that the good news of God’s gracious salvation in Christ is clearly taught in God’s written Word, the Bible; its fully inspiration and total truthfulness we confess, and to its authority we submit. This rich core of commitments forms the basis of our unity as a theological, interdenominational community centered on Jesus Christ.


We Are Personal

Yannick Christos-Wahab
Beeson has not just shown me love, it has shown me Christ, continually pointing me toward him. I can say that I have learned as much from the example and love of students and teachers as I have in the fantastic classes.Yannick Christos-Wahab, M.Div. student

We believe strongly that a community-oriented, full-time and personal environment offers the best opportunity to train for a lifetime of faithful ministry. This is why Beeson maintains a low faculty to student ratio (currently 1:7). Beeson students learn from renowned faculty in the classroom and worship and pray alongside them in weekly chapel and mentor groups.

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Beeson Professor

We believe training for ministry requires knowledge, skill and wisdom in these areas: biblical languages, biblical theology, preaching, history and doctrine, spiritual formation and pastoral ministry. We believe students must be informed and transformed by God’s Word and Spirit in community. Beeson students commit to serious, full-time study. We do not offer distance learning because we believe the best training for personal ministry of the gospel takes place in a personal environment.

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