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Photo Sing On
Sing On: Beeson Magazine 2022
When your faith wavers, when you face trials, when you have no other words, when you need to be reminded of the gospel, when you encounter the grace of God, and when you come to the end of your life, sing again and again about what Jesus Christ has done for you. 
Photo John Wesley
A Birthday Reflection for John Wesley
Today is John Wesley's birthday. Learn about Wesley and his profound desire to proclaim the gospel in order to the spread of holiness and Christian virtue. 
Photo Beeson students worshipping
A Preachable Pastoral Theology
A biblical pastoral theology grows out of a lived experience of the priesthood of all believers, the shared work of the kingdom of God, the gifts of the Spirit and life together in the body of Christ.  
Photo Kaelan Clay
A Chaplain's Lament and Lesson
Lieutenant Commander Kaelan Clay, a chaplain in the U.S. Navy, shares a poem about the grief and hope that comes with chaplaincy ministry. 
Photo Lyuda and her husband
The Heart of the Wise is in the House of Mourning: How to Pray for Ukraine
Lyuda, a longtime family friend and a missionary in Ukraine whom our church supports, in her daily updates from Odessa said, “Though today I cannot be sure that I will see you again, I am definitely sure to see you in heaven.” To Christians in Ukraine, heaven is more real than ever; to their loved ones, it has become more tangible. 
Photo Jason McConnell blog post
God, the Original Artist
The Bible begins, in the very first verse, by revealing God as the original artist. He conceived the complex universe in his imaginative mind and then spoke it into existence with incomparable craftsmanship.  
Photo Ivanov family
Let No Man Separate: How to Pray for Ukraine
Beeson graduate Anton Ivanov is from Russia and his wife, Dasha, is from Ukraine. Anton reflects on what it means to be united in Christ with those in Ukraine and shares ways Christians in the United States can pray for those in Ukraine. 

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