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God at Work in Brooklyn
Beeson student Stephanie Patterson shares about her experience this summer during her Cross-Cultural Ministry Practicum in Brooklyn, New York. 
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Bonhoeffer on Preaching: Learning, Formation and Practice
The Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute is committed to strengthening preachers and preaching by focusing on learning, formation and practice. An excellent example of this commitment can be seen in the life and ministry of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which is highlighted in this following essay by the director of the Preaching Institute. 
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World Christianity and the Unfinished Task
Beeson's World Christianity Focus Week speaker Lionel Young shares about his personal experiences that led to the writing of his book, World Christianity and the Unfinished Task.  
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Now that Christ is risen, what should we do next?
The pattern of our life as church is the pattern of Jesus and his whole ministry, which is God’s presence in the world, the Body of Christ. In fact, the things we do together are what characterized the whole life and ministry of Jesus in the story of the Gospel.  
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Holy Saturday Meditation
The silence of Holy Saturday shows how serious godlessness is, our godlessness. But already in this silence—the holy silence—godlessness is deprived of its reason to be, of any final word it might want to have on the matter of God. 
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There is no generic, nameless, pre-Christian deity to be known. Only God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can be known, and only the Son reveals the very being of God. 
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Remembering Evangelical Beauty
As we begin Holy Week, may we join with the unnamed woman in offering ourselves wholeheartedly to the Lord who gave himself without reserve for us and our salvation.  

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