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Looking Back: Top Stories of 2021
As we look back over 2021, we give thanks to God for his sustaining goodness to our school. Despite still having to navigate COVID, Beeson Divinity School continued offering in-person theological education and resources for the church. As we look back, here are our top news stories from 2021. 
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Merry Christmas
A Christmas message from Beeson Divinity School 
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What Makes Christian Preaching Christian?
I recently read the results of a major survey on preaching during the past year of 2020. What the survey showed is that the three leading sermon topics were COVID, politics and racism. This news prompted me to think of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his work as a preacher and teacher of preachers during the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler.  
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Afghanistan: Is there any hope?
Watching the events unfold in Afghanistan, we know we ought to pray. However, it’s difficult to maintain prayer when we don’t see or feel hope. It’s easier to just let the bad news play on an endless loop until we fall into the trap of despair. David Parks shares how he has learned to pray in such times. 
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Recommended: What We Lose When We Livestream Church
Beeson Divinity School advisory board member and adjunct professor, Collin Hansen, writes about the importance of meeting together in person for worship at The New York Times. 
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God at Work in Brooklyn
Beeson student Stephanie Patterson shares about her experience this summer during her Cross-Cultural Ministry Practicum in Brooklyn, New York. 
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Bonhoeffer on Preaching: Learning, Formation and Practice
The Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute is committed to strengthening preachers and preaching by focusing on learning, formation and practice. An excellent example of this commitment can be seen in the life and ministry of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which is highlighted in this following essay by the director of the Preaching Institute. 

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