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Coincidences in Courage
Do you believe in coincidence? The whimsical Yogi Berra remarked, "Some things are just too coincidental to be a coincidence." I never thought of Yogi as a theologian, but he stumbled upon a rich theological persuasion of Christians. God’s superintendence of our lives “brings all things together for good for those who love God” (Romans 8:28). 
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The Witness of the Church in a “post-Coronavirus World”
Wesley offers an apt description of preaching that seeks to build up the witness of God’s people in the world. We would do well to heed his words as we prepare to meet both the challenges and opportunities that lie before us. 
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Around the World: Beeson alumni respond to COVID-19
Life and ministry in the age of COVID-19 is giving communities and people in almost every corner of our world a shared experience like never before. Beeson alumni are serving all over the globe, navigating similar challenges related to COVID-19. Though the cultures, locations, languages and ministry settings are different, our Beeson extended family is working to serve others well, meet the needs of their communities as best they can and continue in the labor of gospel ministry as they face unforeseen and unprecedented circumstances. 
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The Divine Memory, Presence and Promises are Our Comfort and Hope
How do God's divine memory, presence and promises give us comfort and hope during the COVID-19 pandemic? Read this latest reflection by Professor Mark DeVine. 
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Time On Our Hands
Moses’ admonition in Ps. 90:12, “Teach us to number our days,” made me think of two works of art, the movie Castaway and the novel Robinson Crusoe. These two dramas explore the human trauma of time on our hands.  
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Life Under the Sun
What does Ecclesiastes teach us about life in these uncertain and unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic? Professor Mark Gignilliat reflects on the advice of the elderly preacher.  
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The 40 days of Lent represent a time of drawing apart from life as we normally live it out the other 325 days of the year. These 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday remind us of Jesus’ time in the wilderness prior to his earthly ministry . 

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