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Photo Paul Heather House
Faculty Feature: Dr. Paul House
Get to know Dr. Paul House in today's Friday Faculty Feature.  
Photo Civil Rights March Washington MLK
A Time to Break Silence
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Dr. Doug Webster reflects on Dr. King's speech against the Vietnam War as a time to break silence. Dr. Webster asks if Christians today are willing to break silence. 
Photo Gignilliat family
Faculty Feature: Mark Gignilliat
Get to know Dr. Mark Gignilliat in today's Friday Faculty Feature.  
Photo Gerald Bray
Faculty Feature: Dr. Gerald Bray
Get to know Dr. Gerald Bray in today's Friday Faculty Feature. 
Photo IMG 5084
Looking Back: Top Eleven News Stories from 2020
We take a look back at the top stories from Beeson Divinity School in 2020.  
Photo Robert Wanda Smith
Faculty Feature: Dr. Robert Smith Jr.
Get to know Dr. Robert Smith Jr. in today's Friday Faculty Feature.  
Photo Dr. Webster's grandson, Micah King
A Christmas Out of Kilter
Dr. Douglas D. Webster shares about the time a Christmas didn't go as planned and how it served as a reminder about the real joy of Christmas. 

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