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Photo Darrell and Elaine Cook
Q & A with Darrell Cook on His Retirement
After serving almost six years as the pastor in residence at Beeson Divinity School, Darrell Cook is retiring.  
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J. I. Packer: Heaven Was in Him
Timothy George remembers his friend and colleague, Jim Packer, who died on July 17. Jim Packer was a founding member of Beeson Divinity's Advisory Board. 
Photo ESV-group.jpg
What Jim Packer Taught Me
Professor Paul R. House, who served with J. I. Packer on the ESV Translation Oversight Committee, shares what he learned from Jim Packer and the legacy Jim leaves behind. 
Photo Courtesy Regent College in Vancouver
Appreciation of J. I. Packer
The death of Jim Packer, only days before his ninety-fourth birthday, sunders one of the last remaining links with the postwar years of theological revival in the Anglican Evangelical world. Professor Gerald Bray reflects on the life and ministry of J. I. Packer 
Photo 2019-20-Divinity-Student-Devotionals-Booklet-cover.jpg
Student Devotionals During COVID-19
Beeson Divinity students offer devotionals and prayers as a resource during COVID-19.  
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Keep Experience—But Keep It In Its Place
How should preachers think about the role of experience? Professor Mark DeVine explains. 
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From Hostility to Hospitality
The following blog post features a sermon Dr. Timothy George delivered at Beeson Divinity School for the “Black and White in America” conference on March 4, 2016. 

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