Any product you purchase using the Amazon link below will earn a small referral fee for Beeson Divinity School. All proceeds from referral fees will go towards student scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will using Beeson's referral link interfere with my eligibility for free shipping?

Using this link will not affect your shipping in any way. If your purchase qualifies for Free Super Saver Shipping or Amazon Prime free shipping, your shipping will be free.

Can I use this referral link to buy things other than books?

Yes! You can purchase almost anything from Amazon using this link--including many digital downloads--and earn a referral fee for Beeson.

Will I pay more if I use the Beeson referral link?

No. You will pay exactly what you would have paid if you had gone directly to

Can I buy used books and items from Amazon's third-party sellers through this link?


Can I sign into my account after I click through the link?

Yes, you can, but it is quite likely that if you've signed in on your computer before, Amazon will recognize you automatically. 

If I click through this link from my iPad or mobile phone, will Beeson earn a referral fee?

At this time, it appears to us that purchases made using the browser of an iPad earn the referral fee, but purchases made using mobile phones do not qualify. If you have further questions about this or want to help us test this, please contact Kristen Padilla.

Can I use this link through an Amazon app?

No. There's no way to get to an app through this link or get to the link through your app.

Can I save this link to my favorites so that I don't have to visit Beeson's website every time I want to buy from Amazon?

Yes, please do!

How much will Beeson's referral fee be?

The referral fee ranges from 4% to 10% of the price of your purchase. The size of the fee depends on the type of items purchased and the volume of items purchased with our referral link in a given period.

Does Beeson want to put local bookstores out of business?

At Beeson, we love bookstores. In fact, we adore bookstores. This link is only for use by people who are already buying books online and want to support student scholarships while they do it.