Mr. David F. Byers Jr.
Managing Principal, Capital Strategies Group Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama

Rev. Dr. Charles T. Carter
Fellow, Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama

Rev. Jason D. Cook
Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church
Roswell, Georgia

Rev. Dr. Brian H. Cosby
Senior Pastor, Wayside Presbyterian Church
Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Dr. J. Norfleete Day
Retired Associate Professor, Beeson Divinity School
Birmingham, Alabama

Mrs. Susan T. Doyle
Director of Parent and Family Programs, Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama

Dr. David W. Eldridge
Senior Pastor, Dawson Memorial Baptist Church
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. James S. M. French
Vice Chairman and Director, Dunn Investment Company
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Terry C. Fry
Owner, Terry Fry Commercial Flooring
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Collin Hansen
Vice President of Content and Editor in Chief, The Gospel Coalition
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Victor Hanson III
Retired Newspaper Publisher
Birmingham, Alabama

Dr. Leland Hull Jr.
Retired Dentist
Birmingham, Alabama

Rev. Dr. Edwin G. Hurley
Senior Pastor, South Highland Presbyterian Church
Birmingham, Alabama

Rev. Dr. Timothy G. Kallam
Senior Pastor, Mountain Brook Community Church
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Don Menendez
Chief Executive Officer, White Plume Technologies
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Drayton Nabers Jr.
Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Mark R. Neaman
President and Chief Executive Officer, Neaman Advisors
Chicago, Illinois

The Very Rev. Andrew C. Pearson Jr.
Pastor, Grace Church
Birmingham, Alabama

Rev. Ralphael B. Pierce
President, Urban Energy Enterprises LLC
Birmingham, Alabama

Mr. Denny Ragland
Senior Vice President, Bryant Bank
Birmingham, Alabama

Rev. Cokiesha L. Robinson
Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Grace College
Winona Lake, Indiana

Mr. Richard E. Simmons III
Executive Director, The Center for Executive Leadership
Birmingham, Alabama

Dr. Maurice Watson
Pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church
Largo, Maryland

Mr. W. Clark Watson
General Counsel, Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama

Rev. Dr. Ralph D. West
Pastor, The Church Without Walls
Houston, Texas

Rev. Dr. Todd Wilson
Co-founder and President, Center for Pastor Theologians
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. John Halsey Wood Jr.
Director of Purchasing, Wood Fruitticher Grocery Co. Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama