Go Global 2012

Wednesday, September 26

Classrooms in Divinity Hall

3-4 P.M.

Presenter: Nate And Amy S.
Agency: Every Tribe
Workshop: Crossing the Crescent: Islam And Various Approaches for Ministry to Muslims
S111 Divinity Hall

Presenter: Julian Linnell
Agency: Anglican Frontier Missions
Workshop: 12 Ways To Maximize Your Missions Trip
N101 Divinity Hall

Presenter: John Prater
Agency: Gospelink
Workshop: A New Approach to Missions: Enabling National Missionaries to Share the Gospel and Plant Churches
S001 Divinity Hall

Presenter: Chris Munford
Agency: WEC International
Workshop: A Radical Lifestyle: Going on Mission Without Asking for Money
S109 Divinity Hall

Presenter: Randy Smith
Agency: Youth Ministry International
Workshop: Global Youth Culture and Missiology
S009 Divinity Hall

4-5 P.M.

Presenter: Stephanie Tuttle
Agency: Sweet Sleep
Workshop: Why Beds? Demonstrating God’s Love to Orphans
S301 Divinity Hall

Presenter: Dr. Shawn (no last name for security reasons)
Agency: Interserve
Workshop: Medical Education & Residency Training for the 10/40 Window
N101 Divinity Hall

Presenter: Sheryl Curbow Shaw
Agency: Global Teams
Workshop: Music, Orality, and Unreached People Groups
S001 Divinity Hall

Presenter: Courtney Faulk
Agency: Café 1040
Workshop: The Story of God: His Global Heart and Eternal Mission
S009 Divinity Hall

Presenter: Dr. Leslie Neal Segraves Cancelled
Agency: 10/40 Connections
Workshop: Women in Leadership
S305 Divinity Hall

Thursday, September 27

10—11 a.m.

Presenter: Sean Garrick
Agency: Network Of International Christian Schools
Workshop: International Education/Teaching Overseas
OBB 118 (Education Bldg)