The Institute of Anglican Studies

at Beeson Divinity School

What is Anglicanism?

The Anglican tradition is a way of being Christian that worships the Trinitarian God with the liturgy and sacraments of the Church. Anglicans follow what they call the via media, the middle way between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. They draw from the best of Catholic worship and Protestant preaching for life in the Trinity devoted to "the beauty of holiness" (Ps. 96:9).

History of Anglicanism

Two of the most important figures in Anglican history are Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556) and Richard Hooker (1554-1600). Cranmer was an Anglican martyr and Archbishop of Canterbury during the English Reformation. The Book of Common Prayer is largely indebted to Cranmer, and his was a major contributor to what eventually became the Thirty-Nine Articles. Hooker established the distinctive ethos of Anglicanism with his great work Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity (1594-97).

With a membership of appoximately 85 million worldwide the Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian communion in the world, after the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The Institute of Anglican Studies at Beeson

  • Trains men and women for Anglican ministry
  • Offers the Certificate of Anglican Studies
  • Builds the Anglican Communion by helping educate the public in the riches of the Anglican tradition through lectures, meetings for students with Anglican leaders, monthly lunches and theology nights, weekly evensong, and an annual theology conference.

Scheduled Conferences

  • Sept. 25-26, 2018 -- What is Anglicanism?
  • Sept. 2019 -- The Jewish Roots of Christianity
  • Sept. 2020 -- Worship: The Anglican Contribution
  • Sept. 2021 -- Anglican Saints and Heros

The Institute of Anglican Studies is devoted to orthodox Anglicanism, the gospel proclaimed and lived by the Christian Great Tradition, the classic worship of the Book of Common Prayer, the doctrinal commitments of the Thirty-Nine Articles, and the final authority of the Holy Scriptures for faith and life.

For more information about the Institute of Anglican Studies at Beeson, please contact Dr. Gerald McDermott at (205) 726-4375 or by e-mail.