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This Week:

Episode 297

Liam Goligher
July 19, 2016

Hayden Walker talks with Liam Goligher about Christian preaching on behalf of the Lilly Grant Initiative to Strengthen the Quality of Preaching.

Liam Goligher is senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.




Last Week:

Episode 296

Edwin M. Yamauchi

July 12, 2016

Edwin M. Yamauchi delivered the following lecture, “Ancient Mystery Religions,” in 1992 in Hodges Chapel as part of Beeson's annual Biblical Studies Lectures. 

Edwin M. Yamauchi is professor of history emeritus at Miami University, Ohio, where he taught from 1969 to 2005.




Next Week:

Episode 298

Justin Nalls

July 26, 2016

Great Preachers Past and Present

Dr. Robert Smith Jr. and Timothy George introduce Justin Nalls' sermon, "Between Two Resurrections," which was preached in 2008 at Beeson Divinity School in conjunction with his recognition as the recipient of Beeson’s student preacher award. The full sermon follows their discussion.

Justin Nalls, a 2008 graduate of Beeson Divinity School, is middle school pastor at Ingleside Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia.




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