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Part-time Student Policy

The admission committee focuses exclusively on full-time students when granting admission to M.Div. applicants. However, effective fall 2013, entering M.A.T.S. students may be considered for either full-time or part-time status. Part-time status is defined as less than 9 credit hours per semester. Part-time students are also strongly encouraged to attend weekly chapel services on Tuesdays and to participate in mentor groups on Thursdays. To be considered for part-time admission, the M.A.T.S. applicant must include with his/her application a one-page summary explaining why the student is seeking to attend classes part-time. A maximum of 20 students may be enrolled part-time each year.   

For returning full-time M.Div. and M.A.T.S. students who encounter unforeseen circumstances requiring them to lighten their course loads temporarily, they may drop to part-time status for up to two semesters. Further extensions must be granted by the admission committee.   

As noted in the Scholarship Policy, only full-time students (9 or more credit hours per semester) may be considered for scholarship support. Students who are admitted for part-time study must pay the hourly rate for courses taken. Those who drop temporarily to part-time status will pay the hourly rate, as well, and can only receive a scholarship when they are reinstated as full-time students.