Missions Agencies


10/40 Connections www.1040connections.org 

10/40 Connections cultivates global community by equipping believers and by engaging in innovative ministries that fight injustice, empower children, and plant multiplying churches among the least reached. 

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks www.acmnp.com

ACMNP is an interdenominational ministry that extends the ministry of Jesus Christ to the people who live, work, and vacation in the national parks by providing a ministry of worship, education, fellowship, and service. This ministry serves more than 25 national park communities around the United States each summer. A staff member with ACMNP is employed by a park hospitality company and also has formal as well as informal ministry which may include preparing and leading Sunday worship services or building relationships with co-workers and fellow residents. ACMNP also has a seminary scholarship for seminarians who participate with their ministry.

Action International Ministries www.actionintl.org

ACTION is an evangelical, non-denominational missionary-sending agency that works in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. ACTION missionaries engage in a plethora of ministries including running orphanages, daycare centers, feeding programs, and evangelistic camping. This agency offers both short-term and career opportunities.

Adventures in Mission www.adventures.org

AIM is an interdenominational missions organization that focuses on discipleship. They emphasize prayer and relationships in their work amongst the poor. Through their 14 bases around the world, AIM takes year-round trips to places where “the least of these” can be found. Focus on holding orphans, giving hope to the hopeless, and praying for the sick are only a taste of their vision for raising up a generation of radically committed disciples. Opportunities to serve include youth group trips for a week or two, high school teams for two weeks to a month, one to eight month immersion for college-age students, and two week relational trips for families.

Africa Inland Mission www.aimint.org/usa

AIM is a worldwide team that works to establish maturing churches through the evangelization of unreached peoples in Africa and the effective preparation of church leaders. AIM accomplishes this mission through the following avenues of ministry: prayer movements, community outreach, leadership training, youth development, medical missions, and support services. There are opportunities to serve short-term and full term (one year or more) as well as a two year Training in Ministry Outreach program that provides academic and experiential learning.

African Methodist Episcopal AME-SADA

The African Methodist Episcopal Service and Development Agency is the humanitarian relief and development entity of the AME Church. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Africa and the Caribbean. It currently has programs in Haiti and South Africa focuses on health, micro-credit and education.

Alabama State Board of Missions  www.alsbom.org/ministries/students 

The Office of Collegiate & Student Ministries -- in partnership with the churches and associations of the Alabama Baptist State Convention -- ministers to college, university, middle and high school students in order to reach students for Christ, grow faithful disciples, prepare students for Christian leadership and involve students in mission service and education.

Anglican Mission in America www.theamia.org

The AMiA National Mission Resource Center organizes 17 mission networks and seeks to glorify God by fathering, planting and serving dynamic congregations in the Angelical tradition through cooperative system of networks. This missionary movement is focused on reaching the 150 million souls in North America.

Anglican Frontier Missions www.anglicanfrontiers.com

AFM is a mission organization that seeks to plant viable, biblically-based, indigenous churches in areas of the world where there is very little Christian presence, in areas of North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and even some ethnic communities in the United States. We partner with members of the Anglican Communion from around the world for this endeavor.

Appalachia Service Project www.asphome.org

ASP provides vital housing services to low-income families living in Central Appalachia. They serve in communities where one in four people live in poverty. In addition to strengthening communities through building houses, ASP provides opportunities for spiritual growth and service for their volunteers. There are chances to volunteer year round, only during the summer, and during specialty weekends.

Association of Baptists World Evangelism www.abwe.org

The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism is an independent mission agency that exists to serve local churches in the task of sending missionaries around the world. They currently offer short-term, collegiate, and career missionary opportunities to countries such as Singapore, South Africa, Peru, Bangladesh and many others. Missionaries have the chance to engage in administrative, educational, worship leadership, and church planting projects.

Athletes in Action www.aia.com

AIA is a branch of Campus Crusade for Christ which uses sports as a vehicle for evangelism. Every summer AIA sends teams of college athletes to compete overseas, grow their individual faith, and spread the Gospel. AIA offers summer opportunities, 2-month summer and 9-12 month internships, as well as domestic campus sports ministry opportunities. Athletes in Action currently serves in locations such Asia, Colorado, and Los Angeles.

Baptist Mid-Missions www.bmm.org

BMM exists to strategically advance the building of Christ’s church, with His passion and for His glory, in vital partnership with Baptist churches worldwide. BMM missionaries currently serve in over 50 countries in ministries as diverse as aviation, camping, radio, and publications in order to plant churches, evangelize, and disciple new believers. BMM has short-term, career, and collegiate opportunities for Baptist Christians.

Buckner International www.buckner.org 

Buckner International is a Christian organization that makes betters the lives of orphans, at-risk children and families. Buckner connects caring Christians with orphans and at-risk children for short-term missions in several countries including: China, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Latvia. In addition to these, Buckner has domestic opportunities along the U.S.-Mexico border. The ministry also has a foster care and adoption network to provide safe, loving homes for at-risk children, as well as an internship program for college students. 

Café 1040 www.cafe1040.com

Café 1040 is an intensely experiential 3-month training program inside the 10/40 window, exposing Christian college students and young adults to missions in the unreached world. Participants have the chance to study language, culture, history, religion, and technology with the possibility of college credit. In addition to time on the field, Café 1040 also mentors each person who goes through the program before and after his/her time overseas.

Campus Crusade for Christ International www.ccci.org

Campus Crusade is a college campus ministry with a heart for establishing spiritual movements everywhere, so that everyone in the world knows someone who truly follows Jesus Christ. Opportunities to serve with them include the JESUS Film Project, taking the Good News to those who have never heard via the Jesus Film, and Global Aid Network, demonstrating God’s love through word and deed, through the vehicle of humanitarian aid. Other opportunities include short term trips for college students, professors, and athletes.

Central American Ministries www.camon-line.org

CAM serves the least of God’s people living in garbage dump squalor through housing, education and other human services. Their mission is to foster economic independence for the poor through providing housing, daycare, and education. Each year, CAM offers service experiences for high school students, university students, and medical personnel in countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

Christ for Children International http://christforchildren.com

CFCI exists to bring glory to God through the raising up of people who will praise and worship Him now and throughout eternity. Its missionaries accomplish this through evangelizing and discipling impoverished children and youth, assisting with incorporating new converts into a local church, church planting, and holistic ministry. CFCI’s main ministries are Kid’s Club, a free lunch program, the Church of the Great Shepherd, and cell groups. There are opportunities to serve with CFCI in Fresnillo, Mexico for at least a one year term. While there, students will learn Spanish, receive missionary training and care, and share the Good News with impoverished kids. This mission was founded and run by Dr. Lyle Dorsett and Deaconess Mary Dorsett of the Beeson Divinity School family.

Christian Appalachian Project http://www.christianapp.org

Christian Appalachian Project is a Kentucky-based, interdenominational, non-profit Christian organization “committed to serving people in need in Appalachia by providing physical, spiritual and emotional support through a wide variety of programs and services.”

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship www.thefellowship.info

CBF is a fellowship of Baptist Christians and churches who share a passion for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and a commitment to Baptist principles of faith and practice. The Fellowship has 7 areas of focus: poverty/transformation ministries, disaster response ministry, internationals ministries, church planting/faith sharing, justice and peacemaking ministries, medical ministries, and education/economic development ministries. CBF offers a number of short and long term missions opportunities in North America, Africa, Asia and Europe including working for social ministries in Alabama, teaching ESL in Africa or serving in an Indian medical clinics. Student.go is one aspect of CBF that provides missions opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to serve among the unevangelized and marginalized people in our world.

Dayspring Mission www.dayspringmission.com

Dayspring Mission operates in a rural village in central Nigeria, where the mission station is located near a major migratory rout of the largest unreached people cluster in Africa, the Fulani. Day spring mission is currently pursuing avenues of ministry in vocational training, audio Bible ministry, and basic healthcare services.

Doctors without Borders www.doctorswithoutborders.org

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides emergency medical care to millions of people caught in crises in nearly 60 countries around the world. MSF provides assistance when catastrophic events overwhelm local health systems. MSF also assists people who face discrimination or neglect from their local health systems or when populations are otherwise excluded from health care. MSF recruits medical and non-medical aid workers to provide assistance in nearly 60 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. MSF offers long term placements.

Doulos Partners www.doulospartners.org

Doulos Partners is a missions foundation that strives to be the most stellar partnering organization in the world. The focus is on church planting and supporting church plants throughout the world by training nationals who are called to pastor, supplying financial resources to support them, and doing ministry projects that grow the ministry of each and every church founding. Currently there are 7,000 churches in our network, with churches in the countries of Cuba, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey, Mexico and Cambodia.

e3 Partners www.e3partners.org

e3 Partners is a ministry that focuses on 3 essential E’s of missions, Equipping, Evangelizing, and Establishing churches. e3 exists to help Christians’ ministry globally through organizing prayer groups and mission teams and connecting churches with key national pastors and church leaders. They organize missions trips around the world to places such as Rwanda, India, Ethiopia, and Colombia with some trips geared toward youth and medical teams. e3 also offers a bountiful resource center online to help churches develop prayer, evangelism, and discipleship ministries.

East-West Ministries www.eastwest.org

East-West exists to mobilize the Body of Christ to evangelize the lost and equip local believers to multiply disciples and healthy churches among unreached peoples and/or in restricted access.

Eastern European Outreach www.eeo.org

EEO is a missions agency dedicated to sharing the Gospel with the people of Eastern Europe, especially at-risk children, orphans, inmates and national pastors. The agency ministers to these groups through supplying food, clothing, and medical care, maintaining Ministry Centers where young people are taught the Bible, English and other classes, as well as organizing camping programs for at-risk children. There are mission trip opportunities during the summer and winter to work with orphans or run Bible camps for youth in Ukraine.

Eddie Gibson International Ministries www.egim.org

Eddie Gibson International Ministries, Inc. (EGIM) exists to empower the people of Liberia spiritually and economically by equipping and providing them with tools that will enable them to maximize their God-given potential. As a holistic ministry, EGIM seeks to build healthy villages through providing education for Liberia’s children, literacy programs for the adults, and access to medical, agricultural and entrepreneurial resources.

Episcopal Church USA http://ecusa.anglical.org

The Episcopal Church USA is connected to a variety of ministries under the Office of Social Justice Ministries and Evangelism Ministries. There are organizations which focus on evangelism, Hispanic Ministries, disciplemaking, ministry to the Appalachias, and many others.

Every Ethne www.everyethne.org

Every Ethne’s desire is to help provide students in their ministries with strategic mission resources, community, and coaching.

FCA Missions www.fca.org

Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA is the largest Christian sports organization in the world. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.

Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism www.fameworld.org

FAME seeks to lead people to Christ through meeting real physical needs by partnering with other missions organizations to deliver a unique combination of medical mission services. They provide medical facilities, medicines and supplies, and hands-on care through short-term mission teams. FAME has upcoming trips to Honduras, Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Haiti, Brazil and India. While FAME does have a need for doctors, nurse, dentists and other medical professionals, they also recruit pastors, teachers, and other Christians to participate in their trips.

Food for the Hungry International www.fhi.net

FHI is a growing, international organization that answers God’s call to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor. It is currently active in over 50 nations of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. FHI has a program called “Hunger Corps” which provides an opportunity for experienced and qualified people to share their knowledge and skills with the poor. Some areas of ministry include agriculture, child development, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, church development and child-headed households.

Frontiers www.frontiers.org

Frontiers is an international community of ordinary people, serving with teams, going to the hardest places in the world, bringing efforts of human aid and relief, working in the global marketplace, while living as ambassadors of the Gospel to those who have not yet heard. The ministry offers both short and long term service opportunities as well as iPact, an intensive professional and cultural training program. Currently Frontiers missionaries serve in Asia, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, The Balkans, and the Caucuses.

Global Action www.global-act.org

GA’s goal is to challenge, inspire, and equip believers to become risk-takers for God through focusing on evangelism & outreach, training and motivation, compassion and multiplication. They are currently taking trips to Ukraine, Ethiopia, Moldova, Guatemala, Jordan, Rwanda, and other locations. GA missionaries engage in diverse ministry endeavors from giving Buckets of Love filled with toiletries to families in slum areas, to working in hospices for AIDS patients, to awarding small business loans to Sri Lankan fishermen affected by the tsunami.

Global Expeditions www.globalexpeditions.com

GE, a ministry of Teen Mania (an interdenominational youth ministry), organizes mission trips ranging from 1 week to a month. GE mission teams serve all around the world doing a variety of activities, from teaching VBS in Peru to using drama and dance for evangelism in Italy. Global Expeditions also engages in special missions projects during the holidays.

Global Journey  www.globaljourney.org

Global Journey allows you to join a team of 8 – 10 people for two months in five countries and four continents. In this experience you will have the opportunity to love and encourage people of many different cultures while partaking in various kinds of mission work. Most trips include taking care of orphans and widows, church planting, evangelizing, teaching, preaching the Word, and much more!

Global Partnership Ministries  www.missionmatch.com 

Global Partnership Ministries (GPM), formerly European Partnership Ministries, was started in 1990 by Dr. Scott Kirby to help American churches respond to the newly opened doors in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. Later, we grew with additional staff and expanded our work to other parts of the world, hence the name change to Global Partnership Ministries. In 2005, Global Partnership Ministries moved its base to Anchorage, Alaska and added Alaska missions as an important part of our work.

Global Teams www.global-teams.net

Global Teams equips and sends teams of missionaries from many nations to multiply disciples of Jesus within cultures least familiar with the gospel.

Global Women www.globalwomengo.org

Global Women is a non-denominational movement created by women to minister with and to other women. They accomplish this goal by creating global friendships for shared learning and service. Currently, GW is committed to prayer, trips, and giving, in order to address global issues such as sexual trafficking, spouse abuse, displaced women, poverty, and economic development. The organization also provides resources to help women form Global Forums, gatherings to pray and learn more about issues facing women worldwide.

Gospelink www.gospelink.org 

The vision of Gospelink is to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ and to help them to grow spiritually by empowering national preachers.  

Habitat for Humanity International Global Village www.habitat.org/GV

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical housing ministry. Habitat’s Global Village offers participants the chance to partner with members of the host community to raise awareness of the burden of poverty housing in order to build decent, affordable housing worldwide. Global Village facilitates church partnerships between local and international congregations as well as trips geared specifically toward youth. GV serves in a range of locations worldwide. Some upcoming 2010 trips will be based in Botswana, Fiji, Armenia, and El Salvador.

Heal the Nations www.healthenations.com

HTN works to improve the health of children and families in underdeveloped communities throughout the world while sharing the love of Christ. Towards this end, they focus on improving nutrition and women’s health, promoting family planning, immunizing all children, treating malaria and other health concerns. As a Christian medical missions organization that is active in international health, HTN currently serves in Uganda and India.

Hebrew Christian Fellowship www.hcfellowship.org/home

The mission of Hebrew Christian Fellowship is to lovingly and sensitively present the Gospel of Messiah Jesus to Jewish people directly through support of established, active ministries in the land of Israel and indirectlythrough the equipping of believers in local churches for effective witness to Jewish people in their circles of influence. To accomplish this, Hebrew Christian Fellowship has affiliated with eight ministries in Israel (our Ministry Affiliates) that seek not only to evangelize Jews in the Land—and by extension, their Arab neighbors—but also, to care for, train, and nurture those Jewish and Arab brothers and sisters who have already placed their faith in the Messiah. To see the ministries with which they are affliated, visit their website at http://www.hcfellowship.org/affiliates/10

Hillside Missions www.reachthenations.org

HM is a ministry of Hillside Community Church in Bristol, Connecticut. This evangelical Christian ministry works to introduce unreached people to God through training and sending teams for short-term missions trips, coordinating internships, and developing Christian community in unreached people group areas. HM established a school of Missions Mobilization in Mexico to train and equip Latin Americans to be missionaries and missions leaders. HM’s internship programs for people from 18-30 years old offers missions training and experience.

Hope International www.hopeinternational.org 

HOPE International is a network of microfinance institutions operating in 16 countries around the world. We work to empower men, women, and families to break the cycles of physical and spiritual poverty through the provision of biblically based business training, savings services, small loans, mentoring, and discipleship. By incorporating a strong witness for Jesus Christ and employing a variety of approaches to microfinance, HOPE is an innovator in the field of microenterprise development.

Hope Missions www.hopemissiontrips.com

Hope Missions is committed to bringing Hope to the Hopeless through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each trip is a complete pre-packaged mission experience at an affordable price. Hope Mission Trips are perfect for churches who lack staff or "know-how" to coordinate a mission trip. The Hope Missions staff handles all of the details for each trip and personally leads every trip.

InFaith www.infaith.org
InFaith is a nondenominational mission agency that enables called and committed followers of Christ to serve with purpose and passion within our nation’s borders. InFaith uses many different ministry methods. They host outreach events, provide one-on-one discipleship, lead Bible studies, prison ministries, children’s ministries, and nursing home ministries. They run Christian camps, plant and develop churches; serve as chaplains, and work cross-culturally among Native American and Spanish-speaking people in the US.

InnerChange www.crmleaders.org/ministries/innerchange

InnerChange is a Christian order among the poor within CRM (Church Resource Ministries). The organization is based on communities of missionaries living in poor, marginalized neighborhoods around the world. Their aim is to live out the good news through words and deeds among the poor. The organization offers several opportunities for service, ranging from internships during the summer as well as domestic and international apprenticeships. InnerChange currently serves in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Cambodia, Romania, Venezuela, Guatemala, and South Africa.

International Mission Board www.imb.org

The IMB is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention and exists to present the Gospel and lead individuals to saving faith in Him which will result in church-planting movements among all the peoples of the world. IMB missionaries serve around the world. The Task is the part of IMB dedicated to mobilizing college and seminary students for missions. IMB has the Journeyman Program which is a two-year commitment of a single, twenty-something year old college graduate to serve overseas. In addition to these special entities, the IMB has thousands of missions opportunities for adults, families, and couples.

International Sports Federation www.sportsmissions.com

International Sports Federation (ISF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to using sports to build relationships in cross cultural settings. ISF volunteers are trained to develop opportunities to share the Christian faith and provide relief. Volunteers not only engage in sports activities but also feeding programs, clean water projects, and medical missions.

International World Changers www.thetask.org/IWC

IWC is a prepackaged missions program for high school and college students. As a part of the Southern Baptist Convention, IWC facilitates trips to Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. High school and college students have the chance to engage in various types of ministries internationally, from prayer skiing in Slovenia to soccer clinics in Niger.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship www.intervarsity.org

ICF is an evangelical campus mission serving more than 35,000 students and faculty on over 560 college and university campuses nationwide. The agency’s focus is campus witness, thoughtful discipleship, and concern for world missions. One aspect of ICF’s ministry is Global Urban Trek which offers students the opportunity to serve the poor and live in slum communities. They have outposts in Bangkok, Cairo, Kolkata (Calcutta), Lima, Manila, Mexico City Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and Honduras. ICF also offers a number of service projects in various countries around the world.

Irene Gleeson Foundation http://igfusa.org/

The Irene Gleeson Foundation was founded in 1991 by Irene Gleeson who identified in her travels to Africa the great need to take care of the children of Northern Uganda ravaged by the war that was raging across East Africa. The IGF staff's main purpose in their mission is to glorify our God through teaching Ugandans the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Film Project www.jesusfilmmissiontrips.org

JESUS Film Mission Trips teams are taking the “JESUS” film to the least-reached people of the world. Through over 40 mission trips each year, JESUS Film Project works to partner with national ministries by taking short-term missions trips to over 30 different countries to give out the Jesus film in local languages. Most trips last from 2-3 weeks and are scheduled year-round.

Kenya Relief  www.kenyarelief.org 

The mission of KenyaRelief.org is to rekindle hope for a new generation in Kenya through partnership between communities, uniting for a common good. Kenya Relief works in the community to provide orphan care, education, and medical care.

Latin America Mission www.lam.org

LAM is a missions agency that seeks to connect missionaries with various needs in the Latin American church. Beyond their two core principles of evangelism and holistic ministry, LAM is known for creativity in ministry. Their missionaries serve in a wide variety of Latin American countries engaging in diverse ministry endeavors ranging from social work, theological education, Christian camping and beyond. Their missionaries come from various denominations but are unified by a core Christian faith.

Make Way Partners www.makewaypartners.org

Make Way Partners is a Christian mission agency committed to prevent and combat human trafficking and all forms of modern–day slavery by educating and mobilizing The Body of Christ. Make Way Partners builds partnerships within the body of Christ to call forth those willing to answer the Biblical call to seek justice on behalf of the oppressed.

Medical Ministry International www.mmint.org

MMI is a Christian organization committed to meet the need for medical care among the world’s poor through excellence in medicine, patient care, and health education. Toward this end, they mobilize volunteers for one and two-week medical projects and establish as well as equip permanent medical centers. They currently have projects in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico and Peru with plans to expand into other countries in the future.

Mission to the World www.mtw.org

MTW is the missionary sending organization of the Presbyterian Church in America and offers trips ranging from 1-2 weeks to 1-11 month internships to long term (4 years+). MTW is planting churches in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. Some of their focus includes working with street children in India, doing medical missions in Belize, teaching English, and disaster response.

Mission to Unreached Peoples www.mup.org

MUP is a broadly interdenominational agency which focuses on unreached people groups with a special emphasis on those who live in the 10/40 window in Asia, Europe and beyond. They engage in a variety of ministries including Bible schools, church planting, medical and university ministry. MUP offers a range of summer and long term trips as well as internships and a special Luke 10 three-to-nine month program for 18-30 year olds. There are opportunities to serve as a teacher, pastor, church planter, physical therapist, or business tentmaker in countries with limited access to the Gospel.

Mission Year www.missionyear.org

Mission Year is a year-long urban ministry program focused on Christian service and discipleship. By partnering with a local church, volunteering at a service site, and spending time with neighbors, Mission Year Team Members effectively impact their communities. Team Members currently serve in Atlanta, Camden, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Wilmington. This program is a well-rounded combination of discipleship, social justice activism, relationship building, local church service, and social service agency volunteer work towards loving God and people to the best of the team member’s ability.

MountainChild www.mountainchild.org

MountainChild exists for the purpose of raising awareness, resources and financial aid for humanitarian work carried out amongst impoverished children living in the Himalayas. Our origins began in 2000 when short-term exploratory teams traveled to the region to investigate reports of severe medical, social, educational, and environmental challenges facing children living in the Himalayas.

NAMS www.namsnetwork.com

NAMS has functioned as a society of Christ-followers facilitating the spread of the Gospel around the world through planting the Church wherever God opens doors. NAMS has colleagues and associates ministering in more than 30 nations. NAMS is a missionary community of pioneering, global Church planters serving the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

Nehemiah Teams http://www.nehemiahteams.com – Project 52 

Nehemiah Teams are leading the next generation to reach every nation... standing in the gap among the unreached and the hard-to-reach. NT is an 8-week summer mission opportunity for students ages 17-29 which strategically involves them in cross-cultural missions among unreached people groups. NT partners with International Mission Board and other global Christians, connecting with state conventions, local Southern Baptist associations & churches to reach the unreached & hard to reach.

Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) www.nics.org 

The mission of NICS is to establish a worldwide network of international Christian schools staffed by qualified Christian educators, instilling in each student a Biblical world-view in an environment of academic excellence and respect for people of all cultures and religions.

New Tribes Mission www.ntm.org

NTM mobilizes, equips missionaries who evangelize to people groups that have had no access to the Gospel, translates the Scriptures into their language, and plants churches. NTM offers church weekend retreats to give the church a bird’s eye view of the unreached peoples of the world. A similar experience is available aimed at college students and youth. There are short term and career opportunities as well as internships that focus on education, aviation, medical, information, technology, and business administration needs.

North American Indigenous Ministries www.naim.ca

NAIM is a multicultural team that exists to glorify God through making disciples among North American Indigenous peoples. This nondenominational faith mission works primarily in Western Canada, Washington State, and New Mexico. NAIM offers an eight week summer program which gives teams an opportunity to serve on a reserve or in an urban setting and gain hands-on ministry experience. The majority of NAIM’s staff works in communities engaging in ministry such as hospital visitation, prison ministry, networking, children’s ministry, and education. This mission seeks to partner with Native Christians to develop culturally relevant worship and ministry.

North American Mission Board www.namb.net

NAMB assists Southern Baptists in their task of fulfilling the Great Commission in the United States, Canada, and their territories through a national strategy for sharing Christ, starting churches, and sending missionaries. NAMB is involved in several projects including Operation Noah Rebuild for Hurricane Katrina victims, family missions, and ministry in the Appalachia and Mississippi River areas. The Board also organizes Campers on Mission, a national fellowship of Christian campers who share their faith while camping.

Not Forgotten www.notforgotten.org

Not Forgotten is an organization that is compelled by the love of Christ to provide for the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of impoverished, abandoned, and oppressed people of the world so that they may improve their quality of life, find salvation through Jesus Christ and be empowered to affect change in their communities

One Hundred Fold  www.100fold.it

OneHundredFold is a group of specialists in software development, web design, database engineering, networking and telecommunications who believe that mobile technology has a transformative role to play in making the gospel of Christ accessible to every individual on Earth.

Operation Mobilization-USA www.usa.om.org

OM is an international Christian mission agency that seeks to demonstrate and proclaim the love of God through evangelism, church planting, discipleship, literature distribution, relief, and development in many areas of the world. OM missionaries serve in over 100 countries and onboard three ocean-going ships. The ministry currently has short term trips to places such as Chile, Kosovo, Japan, Italy, and Germany. For those interested in serving for ten months or longer there are long term opportunities available. For people with specialized skills in communications, ministry, office & administration, teaching, the Marines, or other areas there are global service opportunities lasting for 2 years or longer.

PCUSA U.S. & World Mission PCUSA

The PCUSA works on international evangelism, disaster assistance, and has a hunger program, as well as other projects. Domestically, PCUSA works on new church development, multicultural ministries, new immigrant ministries, border ministry, and other projects. Mission through Advocacy as well as Education are also important foci of the PCUSA.

Pearl Ministries http://pearlministries.org

Pearl Ministries is a Christian-based non-profit organization located in Peachtree City, GA. Their mission is to facilitate the vision of Ranch on Jesus Orphanage Ministries, a registered Ugandan non-government organization dedicated to the salvation of orphans and needy children located in Mutongo and Lweza outside Kampala, Uganda. Scott & Jamie Laslo are the founders of this ministry and are part of the Beeson Divinity School family.

Pioneer Bible Translators www.pioneerbible.org

Pioneer Bible Translators endeavors to translate the Word of God for Bible-less people through translating Scripture, engaging in mother-tongue literacy programs, establishing congregations, equipping nationals for partnership in ministry, and promoting indigenous Scripture Impact initiatives. Toward this end, PBT has established the Pioneer Mission Institute which offers inquirers and future missionaries essential preparation for service with PBT. PBT offers ten-week summer internships, short-term assistant positions, and long-term positions.

Pioneers www.pioneers.org

Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches. Pioneer missionaries serve among people groups in Sudan, Tibet, China, Japan, Somalia and other locations. As missionaries travel with Pioneers, the possibilities of service are endless. Some examples of current ministry are surfing in Indonesia, launching a new work in Saudi Arabia, working in business as mission, and working as an international Christian school teacher. Pioneers has both summer short term (4-8 weeks) and long-term opportunities of service.

Praying Pelican Missions  www.prayingpelicanmissions.org

Praying Pelican Missions is a short-term international missions organization serving the needs of indigenous local churches, pastors, and communities around the world. We set up and lead mission trips for churches, small groups, families, and individuals from North America, continually expanding and strengthening a network of pastors and communities both abroad and in the United States.

Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship www.pff.net

PFF is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) that serves churches by getting them involved with establishing indigenous churches among unreached people groups. In addition to linking churches with particular frontier mission ministries, PFF links churches with other Presbyterian congregations in a network of prayer and support for specific people groups. Some frontier ministries that PFF has partnerships with are located in Ethiopia, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Europe, and other locations.

Reaching and Teaching www.reachingandteaching.org 

Reaching & Teaching International Ministries exists to reach the peoples of the world through evangelism and by meeting the great need for deep discipleship, pastoral preparation, leadership training, and theological education around the world. 

Reel Life International www.reellifeadventures.org

Reel Life International is a non-profit organization formed to share the love of Christ with those in extreme need. By raising funds for sustainable assistance initiatives, RLI strives to serve orphans and impoverished families. Our work is accomplished through international field partners as well as the many volunteers who join us on our short-term trips.

Rio Grande River Ministry

River Ministry is a collaborative effort of the Texas Baptists and Mexico Baptists conventions. They work to partner Texas churches with Mexican churches in an effort to evangelize unreached groups of Mexico. In addition, they minister to church leaders along the border through family support and theological training. The organization provides training for groups seeking to develop a mission trip to Mexico.

Score International www.scoreinternatinal.org

SCORE is a ministry to expose people to short term missions to evangelize, encourage missionaries and equip participants to do the work of foreign missions. The goal of the organization is to produce career missionaries and create greater partnerships between local churches in the USA and foreign missionaries. SCORE short term trips include sports mission, construction crews, dental/medical missions, primetimers tours, and overseas couples retreats. SCORE offers international as well as domestic trips. Global Adventure Pursuit is a 10-month adventure for high school graduates to live and study in Costa Rica to learn basic Bible doctrines and study in theology and missions as well as become fluent in Spanish.

Servant Life www.servantlife.com

 Servant Life is a mission-mobilizing ministry providing dynamic short-term mission experiences for teenagers and church groups. Currently Servant Life sends short-term mission teams to eleven countries, including two locations in the United States. Our desire is to connect students’ love for God to the Nations through His Word and by His Spirit.

Servant Partners www.servantpartners.org

Servant Partners works with agencies all over the world to develop and encourage holistic church plants among the urban poor. SP uses endeavors such as micro-enterprise loans, leadership development, and women’s ministries to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through incarnational living among the poor. Servant Partners serves in locations such as Bangkok, Mexico City, Africa, Manila, and the Middle East. SP offers both domestic and international internship experiences, offering the intern training in urban church ministry, discipleship, and the chance to live among the poor. The length of time of the internship is flexible. SP also facilitates urban training weekends which include inductive Bible study of Luke’s gospel, an introduction to their organization, study on worldwide urbanization trends, and much more.

Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor www.servantsasia.org

Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor is an international movement: a network of Christian communities living and working amongst the urban poor in Asia’s mega cities, participating with the poor to bring hope and justice through Jesus Christ. Their teams currently serve in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Canada and beyond. The 5 Principles that guide the organization are incarnation, community, holism, servanthood, and a simple lifestyle. SAUP offers internship opportunities, lasting from a few weeks to several months, which give the intern to chance to live among the urban poor with a host family, explore the spiritual dimensions of poverty, and discern God’s calling for a future ministry with the urban poor.

Sozo Children www.sozochildren.org

 Sozo Children works with orphans in different countries, including Uganda, Costa Rica, Kenya, Haiti and Papua New Guinea. They work to plant orphanages that will foster the development of a child in a holistic manner.

Sports Plus www.sportsmissions.com

SportsPlus mobilizes, trains, and disciples sports-minded volunteers to build relationships for the Glory of God. This mobilization leg of the International Sports Federation exists especially for college students and young adults. It offers projects such as basketball camps in the Pacific Rim, baseball/softball camps in Central Asia, and soccer camps in the slums of Kenya.

Student.Go (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) www.thefellowship.info

CBF is a fellowship of Baptist Christians and churches who share a passion for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and a commitment to Baptist principles of faith and practice. The Fellowship has 7 areas of focus: poverty/transformation ministries, disaster response ministry, internationals ministries, church starting/faith sharing, justice and peacemaking ministries, medical ministries, and education/economic development ministries. CBF offers a number of short and long term missions opportunities in North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe including social ministries in Alabama, teaching ESL in Africa or medical clinics in India. Student.go is one aspect of CBF that provides missions opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to serve among the unevangelized and marginalized people in our world.

Sweet Sleep www.sweetsleep.org

Sweet Sleep is a faith-based nonprofit organization which provides beds to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, demonstrating God’s love for them and improving their quality of life.

Teach Overseas www.teachoverseas.org

Teach Overseas is a unique interdenominational ministry that trains and sends Christians to teach English, business, and other subjects in China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Teach Overseas offers summer as well as year-long trips to these countries. As an openly Christian organization, Teach Overseas has positive relationships with governments and school administrators.

TEAMeffort www.teameffort.org

Over the years TEAMeffort has brought over 100,000 youth and leaders from thousands of churches of different denominations together to work side-by-side on life-changing, eye-opening, faith-building mission trips.

Teen Missions International www.teenmissions.org

Teen Missions is an interdenominational evangelical mission organization that facilitates short-term missions experiences for teens. They exist to launch youth into lifetime missions involvement by training, discipling, and mobilizing them to impact eternity around the world NOW. They also offer adult and family opportunities to minister. TMI serves in countries such as South Africa, India, Malawi, and Zambia. They organize summer as well as seasonal trips.

Total World Impact Ministries www.totalworldimpact.org

TWI uses short term mission events to promote and strengthen the disciple-making process in the lives of our partners and participants. The organization currently offers disciple making conferences, Asian and Latin American mission camps and mobilization services. Sam Fielder, a Beeson student, is connected with this ministry.

(Un)adopted, a ministry of Lifeline Children’s Services http://unadopted.org/

(Un)adopted exists to provide a hope and a future for orphans around the world by facilitating a safe environment to disciple and equip children in need.

United Methodist Church --United Methodist Board of Global Ministries www.new.gbgm-umc.org

The UMBGM is organized into 8 program areas, the Women’s Division, and General Administration. Global Ministries’ goals include making disciples, building up the church, alleviating suffering, and promoting justice, freedom and peace. The Program areas are community and institutional ministries, evangelization and church growth, general administration, health and welfare ministries, mission education, mission contexts and relationships, mission personnel, and mission volunteers.

United World Mission www.uwm.org 

United World Mission partners with local Christians in 42 nations to form leaders, reproduce churches, and empower the poor and vulnerable. They create missional opportunities for North American churches and for God's missionary servants who are called to serve in short and long-term ways. UWM is interdenominational. One of UWM’s foci is the Theological Education Initiative, whose mission is to field and support missionary scholars who will contribute biblical theological education that is contextually relevant for the equipping of God's people to serve the church and society.

Volunteers for China www.volunteersforchina.org

Volunteers for China, (VFC), is a Christian Humanitarian, non-profit organization that facilitates volunteers, both short term and long term, for service in China. VOLUNTEERS for CHINA has also presently placed eleven long term (1 month and longer) teachers, as well as other short term placements during non-summer times. They can place volunteers at any time of the year; you select the time that is best for you and the length of time you can serve. VFC has short term opportunities for college students interested in teaching English as well as those gifted with technology and medical abilities.

Volunteers in Medical Missions www.vimm.org

VIMM is a team of Christian doctors, nurses, and other volunteers that minister to the physical and spiritual needs of children and adults in developing countries throughout the world. These volunteers serve in places such as Peru, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Although their primary focus is medical, VIMM also seeks to involve non-medical people in mission projects such as construction, Bible schools, and evangelism.

The Wellhouse http://the-wellhouse.org

The WellHouse is a faith-based and Christ-centered nonprofit organization offering immediate shelter and transitional housing to women who have been trafficked, are prostituting, or otherwise sexually exploited. Food, clothing, spiritual guidance, Christian counseling, and other necessities are provided, along with assisting with referrals for substance abuse treatment, if needed. Life skills classes, GED preparation, and other enrichment services are part of the experience to help these women become self-sufficient and give them a sense of self-worth.

Worldwide Evangelization for Christ exists to share Jesus among people groups with little or no access to the Gospel, to gather individuals who believe in Him into faith communities where they can taste and see, and know the joy of following Christ, and to mobilize missionaries, and motivating and empowering churches, including the ones we plant, to obey Jesus’ mandate to make disciples of all nations to help fill the world with people who know the Triune God, worship Him, obey Him, honor Him and please Him with the totality of their lives.

WorldCrafts  http://www.worldcrafts.org/

WorldCraft SM develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. Our vision is to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth. We are committed to the in-country partners and artisan groups with whom we work. WorldCrafts is a division of WMU®.

World Harvest Mission www.serge.org

We are a missions sending agency that has over 150 missionaries in 14 countries. World Harvest works with evangelism and church-planting, and training, equipping, and mobilizing leadership. WHM is a nondenominational foreign mission agency, founded in the reformed tradition. Missionary Lifecycle Shepherding: We are committed to a holistic model of caring for missionaries, from start to finish.

World Team www.worldteam.org

World Team exists to glorify God by working together to establish churches, focusing on the unreached peoples of the world. They offer 6-8 week internships, apprenticeships ranging from 9 months to 2 years, as well as career missionary opportunities. They serve in locations around the world from Canada to New Guinea to train indigenous church leaders and establish new congregations through evangelism and discipleship.

WorldVenture www.worldventure.com

WorldVenture is a community of mission-minded, evangelical Christians who have given themselves to see Christ’s work advance around the world. They exist to cultivate international partnerships amongst churches, equip leaders for the church, establish reproducing churches, demonstrate compassion, and multiply followers of Christ. WorldVenture offers a variety of summer ministry opportunities ranging from installing a roof on a church on the Ivory Coast of Africa to youth camps in Poland to studying member care in Thailand with graduate counseling students.

Wycliffe Bible Translators www.wycliffe.org

Wycliffe’s vision is to see the Bible accessible to all people in the language they understand best. To make this vision a reality, Wycliffe also focuses on literacy development, community development, and church partnerships. WBT offers short term trips, ranging from 1-8 weeks to 2 years, which provide volunteers with the chance to work in language-development, Bible translation, teaching, IT, and management. Discovery Trips are 6-8 week trips overseas specifically geared to 21-25 year olds to give them hands-on experience with Bible translation work under the mentorship of long-term staff.

Youth With A Mission www.ywam.org

YWAM is an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Their many ministries fit into three main categories: evangelism, training, and mercy ministry. YWAM operates in over 1000 locations in over 149 countries. There are a number of opportunities ranging from 1 week to long-term service.

Youth Works www.youthworks.com

Youth Works, an ecumenical organization, strives to provide life-changing, Christ-centered youth mission opportunities. Their trips, which are targeted to youth ages 12-19, provide ministry in areas throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico, including some Native American reservations. There are also opportunities for family mission trips. Trips are low-cost, but high impact!