Missions Certificate

While students in the past have completed the M.A.T.S or the M.Div. and continued to the mission field, others have wanted more intentional training in cross-cultural ministry. For this reason we now offer a missions certificate for students pursuing the M.Div. In addition to an excellent academic grounding in biblical and theological studies, missions certificate students will take 3 missions courses and 2 practicums. In concert, the classroom and field courses will provide a rich training ground for students pursuing a call to cross-cultural mission.

Missions Courses

"Introduction to Christian Missions" is part of the required core curriculum. Dr. David Parks, the director of the Global Center and overseer of the missions certificate, teaches this foundational course which provides a biblical, cultural, and strategic overview of God's global mission to all tongues, tribes, and nations.

The other two missions courses fulfill 6 of the 12 elective credits for the M.Div. and will be taught by expert missions scholars. For example, J.D. Payne is scheduled to teach "Contemporary Issues and Strategies in Missions" (January 2017).  The second course, “World Religions,” introduces the classic texts in five of the major world religions, compares and contrasts these beliefs with the Triune God of the Bible, and explores contextualization and Christian witness in a multireligious world.


Cross-Cultural Ministry Practicum
All M.Div. students must complete a two-week minimum cross-cultural immersion experience overseen by the Global Center. The immersion experience for certificate students will be a minimum of six weeks. Beeson has partners both in the U.S. and around the world with mentors who will oversee the students. Ministry partners are in such places as the Czech Republic, Liberia, Malaysia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Middle East, and Brooklyn.

Supervised Ministry Practicum
Missions certificate students will complete their SMP in a ministry that is both cross-cultural and evangelistic in nature. It is a one-year training experience in the Birmingham area designed to provide real world training for missions.

For more information on the missions certificate, contact David Parks.

For more information on the M.Div. and the application process, click here or contact Sherri Brown.