Master of Arts in Theological Studies



The main mission of Beeson Divinity School is “to prepare God-called individuals to serve as ministers in the church of Jesus Christ." Thus, Beeson Divinity School focuses on the Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.), the most-recognized broad-based preparatory degree for professional ministry. However, the M.Div. degree does not fit the objectives of a smaller number of students the divinity school faculty wishes to serve. These include the following:  

  1. Individuals who want to deepen their understanding of the content of the Christian faith so they can integrate the Christian faith more effectively in professional vocations and volunteer ministry settings. Such individuals may include those wishing to take a divinity degree in conjunction with a primary graduate degree taken in another school of the university.
  2. Individuals already serving in permanent positions in ministry settings in financial, managerial, and other non-pastoral roles who wish to gain a better understanding of the content of the Christian faith. 
  3. International students who have received ministerial training in their home country whose governing body wishes them to study in the United States.

The faculty of the divinity school have designed the M.A.T.S. degree program for individuals such as these. Applicants must state in the admission application that they are not seeking to prepare for traditional church ministry. The faculty does not consider the M.A.T.S. program adequate preparation for Ph.D. studies, so students wishing to use the M.A.T.S. for this purpose will not be admitted.

Students in the M.A.T.S. program may not take DVPM courses, DVML courses, or DVHD 701 without permission of the associate dean. Students in the M.A.T.S. program may take language courses as electives but should be advised that the faculty have set the biblical languages curriculum in a building, sequential manner. Thus, if students take fewer than four courses in an individual language, they may not gain the facility they desire in that language.

This degree requires at least 40 semester credits, with a minimum of 27 credits being completed at Beeson Divinity School. A grade point average of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale is required. Students are required to satisfy all student accounts.

To learn more about the M.A.T.S. curriculum, click here.