Master of Divinity



Beeson Divinity School strives to shape serious shepherds for God’s people. We believe that God’s servants learn best in a community environment where, through face-to-face encounters, we help one another love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. We believe the Bible is God’s word written and thus fully trustworthy and fully able to teach us how to serve our Lord and his people. 

Given these convictions, we mentor students in the classroom, in small groups, and individually. One major way we engage in mentoring is through the offering of a curriculum that helps students gain an ever-deepening grasp and integration of the Bible, Theology, Spiritual Disciplines, and Pastoral Service.  Click here to read more about the design of the Master of Divinity degree.

At Beeson we do not pit the academic against the practical. Rather, we strive to make our curriculum an integrated tool for shaping ministers of the gospel. The curriculum may be viewed as parts of a whole that share a common core. Students who have taken B.A. or other courses that correspond to courses in the curriculum may contact the Associate Dean to discuss advanced standing. Consult the current Beeson Divinity School Bulletin  (pages 53-66) for a complete list of pre-requisites for courses.    

Course Requirements

Biblical Studies: Biblical Interpretation, Biblical Theology and Biblical Languages (33 credits, including core courses)

DVBF 501 Biblical Interpretation (3) 

DVBF 502 Old Testament Theology (3)

DVBF 503 New Testament Theology (3)

DVNT 511 Introduction to New Testament Greek (3)

DVNT 512 Greek Syntax and Translation (3)

DVNT 616 Greek Exegesis Practicum (3)

DVNT 731 or 732 Greek Exegesis Book Study (3)

DVOT 511 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (3)

DVOT 512 Hebrew Syntax and Translation (3)

DVOT 616 Hebrew Exegesis Practicum (3)

DVOT 731 or 732 Hebrew Exegesis Book Study (3)

Historical and Doctrinal Studies (18 credits, including core courses)

DVHD 501 Patristic and Medieval History and Doctrine (3)

DVHD 502 Reformation History and Doctrine (3)

DVHD 601 Modern History and Doctrine (3)

DVHD 602 Twentieth-Century History and Doctrine (3)

DVHD 606 Ecclesiology and Worship (3)

DVET 701 Doctrine and Ethics (3)

Practical Studies (30 credits)

DVSF 501 Spiritual Formation (3)

DVSF 6__ Spiritual Formation Elective (3)

DVEV 500 Evangelism and Church Growth (3)

DVMS 500 Introduction to Christian Missions (3)

DVCC 655 Cross-Cultural Ministry Practicum (0)

DVPR 601 Christian Preaching (3)*

DVPR 602 Preaching Practicum (3)**

DVHD 701 Pastoral Theology (3)

DVPM 701 Pastoral Counseling (3)

DVML 625 Pastoral Formation (3)

DVML 725 The Ministry of Administration (3)

Electives (12 credits)

Total for M.Div. Degree (93 Credits)

 *Must be taken with or after DVNT 616 or DVOT 616
**Must be taken with or after DVNT 731 or 732 or DVOT 731 or 732

Core Courses 
 These classes, which constitute 21 hours of the 93 hours required for graduation, must be taken by students entering in a fall semester in their first two semesters and summer school, and by students entering in a spring semester in their first three semesters and summer school. The core constitutes foundational courses, all of which are prerequisites for subsequent classes. 

DVBF 501 Biblical Interpretation (3)*
DVBF 502 Old Testament Theology (3)
DVBF 503 New Testament Theology (3)
DVHD 501 Patristic and Medieval History and Doctrine (3)
DVHD 502 Reformation History and Doctrine (3)
DVNT 511 Introduction to New Testament Greek (3) or DVOT511 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (3)
DVNT 512 Greek Syntax and Translation (3) or DVOT512 Hebrew Syntax and Translation (3)

*Required in first semester regardless of semester of entry