Frequently Asked Questions About Admission
Is the GRE required?
No, there is not a standardized entrance exam requirement for Beeson Divinity School.
Is there an early decision process?
No, currently all admission decisions are made in conjunction with our application deadlines of February 15 for fall enrollment and October 1 for spring enrollment.
How competitive is the application process?
This varies by semester depending on space availability. Generally, the acceptance rate is 75%. When evaluating applications, the admission committee places significant emphases on the applicant's Christian character, commitment to ministry, and academic preparation.
Is there a GPA minimum for admission?
While exceptions do sometimes occur, competitive applicants have consistently been above 3.0 for the most recent admission cycles. If you are concerned about your GPA, it is recommended that you attach an explanatory addendum to your application.
How do I pay for school?
Students use a combination of scholarships, savings, loans, church sponsorship, and family support.
What scholarship money is available, and who is eligible?
Scholarship money is available from the divinity school endowment to all full-time students. The base scholarship award for the 2015-2016 academic year is $1500 per regular semester. Merit scholarships of $2750 and $5000 per semester are also available. 
Is there a separate application for scholarship?
No, the application for admission is used to determine scholarship awards as well.
Is it possible to obtain advanced standing if I have studied Religion or Bible as an undergraduate?
Yes, it is possible to earn advanced standing in some introductory courses. You will not receive graduate credit for your undergraduate courses, but you may begin your divinity studies above the introductory level. Please click here
for the complete policy on advanced standing.

Do you accept credit transferred from other master's programs?
Beeson Divinity School accepts transfer credits earned at accredited graduate institutions prior to admission. No online or correspondence credit will be accepted, though students with such credits may be considered for advanced standing.
Beeson Divinity School will accept for transfer from another accredited theological school no more than one-third of the credits required for a master’s degree.  For more information about transfer credit evaluation, please contact Susan McNabb in the office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at