D.Min. Financial Information


The cost and fees for students in the 2016-2017 academic year are:

Application fee $50
Enrollment confirmation deposit (applied toward tuition) $200
Per credit rate for 2016-2017 $418
Campus Life Fee $100 dollars per term
Technology Fee

$175 per semester, fall and spring

Continuation fee for each semester beyond eight semesters $1000

Upon a student’s notification of admission, a $200 enrollment confirmation deposit must be paid before the student can be registered for the first seminar. This deposit amount is deducted from the amount of the first semester’s payment.

Loans are available for students in the D.Min. degree program. However, neither the university nor the divinity school offers scholarships to D.Min. students.

For more information about the cost and fees of the D.Min. program, contact the records officer of the divinity school, Ms. Donna Harless, (205) 726-2893.