D. Min. Field Supervision

Field Supervisor Duties

1. Provide current resume to Beeson D. Min. office
2. Review and critique student’s written materials
3. Maintain scheduled meetings with the student and provide honest reflection on personal and professional issues
4. Provide summative report to the D. Min. office by stated deadlines (May 10 for Spring – December 10 for Fall). Report includes: outline of work with student (meeting dates, topics discussed, further assignments) and an assessment of the student’s growth.

The supervisor is a vital partner with the divinity school faculty in the training of a D. Min. student for excellence in ministry. This is manifested in three ways. First, the supervisor acts as the “professor in the field,” providing instruction, relating experience, giving counsel, evaluating performance, and working for the student’s personal and professional formation. Second, he or she serves a vital role in helping the D. Min. student make practical ministry application of what is learned in the on-campus seminars. Finally, the supervisor serves as a consultative resource for the candidate’s ministry project proposal, project implementation, and written report.

A good resource for field supervision is Experiencing Ministry Supervision by William Pyle and Mary Alice Seals. In this book, the authors provide “three overall goals for theological field education:

  • to encourage a maturing spirituality in each student
  • to help students integrate educational and experiential fragments into a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the Christian faith
  • to help students integrate spirituality with intellect in order to produce continued growth in ministry skill, theological learning, and overall competence in the practice of ministry” (Experiencing Ministry Supervision, p. 13)

Field Supervision Evaluation (Submit Online)