Beeson Distinctives

Doctrinal Distinctives

We are committed to the central doctrine of justification by grace alone, the article by which the church either stands or falls. We further believe that the good news of God’s gracious salvation in Christ is clearly taught in God’s written Word, the Bible: its full inspiration and total truthfulness we confess, and to its authority we submit. This rich core of commitments forms the basis of our unity as a theological community centered in Jesus Christ.  Read more about Beeson's Interdenominational Spirit.

Community Distinctives

We are a small community of faith, learning, and fellowship. Each Beeson student is a member of a faculty-led mentoring group that meets weekly. We worship together as a community every Tuesday during the semester, and afterwards share a meal in the Beeson Commons. For more information on community life, see our Student Services page.

Curriculum Distinctives

Our curriculum prepares students for the ministry of the Word. Beeson students are committed to serious biblical study—we emphasize Biblical Theology and the ability to preach and teach directly from the Hebrew and Greek scriptures. Beeson students commit to full-time study, rather than part-time or distance learning. For detailed information on Beeson's curriculum, see the Degree Programs page.