Certificate of Anglican Studies

The Certificate of Anglican Studies program prepares a student for life and ministry in the Anglican Church.
It teaches Anglican doctrine, worship, spirituality and practice. It trains students how to minister in Word and Sacrament. This certificate is awarded with the successful completition of the Master of Divinity degree. The program is structured as follows:


  • Anglican History and Doctrine (3 hours)
  • Sacramental Theology (3 hours)
  • One Anglican-themed elective (3 hours), such as,
    • Anglican Polity
    • Anglican Liturgics
    • Special Topics
    • Directed Study

      Total credit hours: 9 (of 12 M.Div. elective hours)


  • Pastoral Formation
    (3-hour practicum completed in an Anglican congregation)
  • The Ministry of Administration
    (3-hour practicum completed in an Anglican congregation)
      Credit hours: 6

For more information about the Certificate of Anglican Studies, please contact Dr. Gerald McDermott at (205) 726-4375 or by e-mail.

"When I first arrived at Beeson as an M.Div. student, I had never attended an Anglican church, although I was very interested in Anglicanism for a number of reasons.  I decided to attend Beeson largely because I knew that it would provide me with top-notch academic and ministerial training in a Gospel-centered, ecumenical environment.  By my second semester, I had found my theological and ecclesiological home in Anglicanism.  What I appreciate most about the Anglican certificate program is that I had the opportunity to study the things that make Anglicanism distinct: its history, theology, liturgy, ecclesiology, and spirituality.  These things were essential in preparing me to be an Anglican pastor.  Yet, the beauty of pursuing the Anglican certificate at Beeson is that my formation as an Anglican was taking place in the context of an interdenominational community.  I was mentored by both Anglican and non-Anglican professors alike, I grew in my appreciation and understanding of other traditions, and I was shaped as a Kingdom-minded Anglican.  Two months after my graduation from Beeson in December 2013 I entered full-time pastoral ministry, and eight months after that I was ordained as an Anglican presbyter.  The M.Div. with Anglican certificate that I received from Beeson supplied a wonderful foundation for this pastoral vocation which God has called me to within the Anglican expression of Christianity."

The Rev. Peter Smith
Assistant Pastor, St. Peter's Anglican Church, Birmingham, AL