Cross-Cultural Ministry Practicum (CCMP) Options

1. Brooklyn, NY (Mosaic Baptist Church)
Ministry Mentor and overseer: Stephen Stallard

Beeson students will help the Mosaic church planting team engage our ethnically diverse community, as we strive to plant a multiethnic church in the heart of Brooklyn. Students will be trained to theologically reflect upon mission, urban ministry and multiethnic ministry. Students will be exposed to a variety of cultures and will witness a multiethnic church planting team in action. You will help engage the community with acts of kindness and various outreaches.
Students will learn the connection between theology and methodology, specifically as it relates to mission, urban ministry and multiethnic ministry. They will also learn some nuts and bolts of church planting. Perhaps most beneficial is that they will be able to witness a diverse staff in action, and be provided with up close opportunities to learn healthy team dynamics in a ministry setting.
  • Students with musical talents would be helpful in some cases, but certainly not necessary.
  • Dates and #s of students: 
  • December 2015: Can host at least 1 for the 1st two weeks of December. (Possibly one more, if housing becomes available.) 
  • January 2016, 2nd-4th weeks, Can host 4 
  • Mid-May through through mid-August. Maximum #: 5 Minimum #: 1-2; students could come at various times rather than all at once
  • In addition to two-week trips, they would be willing to explore month long stays, also.
  • Students can come at various times during the summer. You don’t have to come all at once. 
  • Students will stay in homes of members of the church plant. Mosaic will arrange this as well as your detailed schedule. 
  • Cost: Total $980-$1080
  • We do a LOT of walking. People who have a walking handicap will not be able to participate in several activities. 

2. Chicago, IL (MissioDei)

Are you interested in cultural engagement, church planting, diversity or urban church ministry? Students serving with MissioDei will have the opportunity to minister in the life of Gospel Community, Sunday gatherings and Neighborhood Engagement under the mentorship of Brian Fulton and Brian Dye. Also, students will have the opportunity to witness Parish Model Church Planting, which serves five congregations throughout the city. Other potential opportunities include: homeless shelter engagement, teen ministry, prayer walking, college ministry, and local church health assessments.  

  • Dates available for students to serve: December-January and mid-May-August. 
  • Trip length: 2 weeks (summer internship potentially available for 1-2 students). 
  • This trip is available for 1-4 students. 
  • Housing: in a church member's home or at the church. 
  • Cost: approximately $700 plus travel.
  • Housing: $200
  • Food: $250-$350
  • Travel: approximately $230 for airfare and approximately $200 for gas
  • Students will be responsible for booking their own travel to and from Chicago.

3. Czech Republic

Students working in the Czech Republic will have the opportunity to teach English in local schools in the mornings and participate in regular outreaches in the afternoon (youth clubs, English classes, meeting with nonbelievers in the community). They will work under the mentorship of Vladislav Donat through the Biblical Theological Seminary, who is in the long, slow process of building relationships and planting a church in this area resistant to evangelical Christianity. (Training pastors through BTS will probably not be available to Beeson students.)

  • Experience in teaching English (particularly with TESL training) is recommended though not required. Other skills in music or sports are also helpful. Translators will be available for all students. 
  • This trip is available during December 2015, January 2015 and May-June 2016 (not July and August). 
  • Internships longer than the required two weeks are available. 
  • This trip is open for one to ten students. 
  • Housing: dormitory-single/double rooms with lounge/kitchen available in the seminary building. 
  • Cost: approximately $400-475 plus travel. 
  • Students will be responsible for booking their own travel to and from Czech Republic.

4. Ecuador (Reaching and Teaching International Ministries)
  • Trip to Tambo, Ecuador
  • Dates: June 25 - July 2, 2016 plus one week before or after these dates. The dates of the additional week have yet to be determined by the host/missionary.
  • Dr. David Sills, Christopher Sills, James Kerr
  • Students will have the opportunity to see firsthand the tremendous need and the unique opportunity to provide theological training and pastoral discipleship to those without access to it. They will also see a non-formal training approach directed to primary oral learners, not to those who are highly literate. The nature of their ministry is teaching/training, so students with these gifts and a heart for discipleship would find these trips of special interest. 
  • Activities that Beeson students could participate in: Observation and/or participation in pastoral training module, missiological discussion with Reaching & Teaching missionaries and personnel, ministry activity as designated by Reaching & Teaching missionary; teaching, evangelism, discipleship would be most helpful; Female students could not teach in our pastoral training, but there could be opportunities for women’s discipleship 
  • Maximum # Beeson students that can attend at a time is 7. Minimum # is 1. Both men and women may participate, although R&T has a policy that states we need more than just one single woman on a trip, for propriety sake.
  • Participating students should embrace the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, The Abstract of Principles, or The Westminster Confession of Faith 
  • Reaching and Teaching will set up all trip logistics, including procuring the airfare
  • Estimated cost: $2,300 (plus immunizations)
  • Turn in CCMP application and paperwork to the Global Center by April 1, but apply for this trip with R&T at: by April 22, with deposit and passport due at the same time. 

5. India, Calcutta (Good News Christian Education Ministry) 

Ministry Mentor(s)/Overseer(s): Subir Roy, Eunok Roy 

GNCEM runs several schools, a day care, and several other ministries. As such, areas of ministry are broad. Students could help with several school subjects, leading devotions and worship for students and participate in Sunday services, both in English and Bengali. They would have the opportunity to stay and work in one school for the entirety of their trip or participate in a survey of all GNCEM schools across the city.
  • Any skills that could benefit school aged children are most important here, as that is the main focus of GNCEM. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to work across socioeconomic lines and experience a truly varied ministry. GNCEM’s schools serve a large number of students from very poor backgrounds. On Sundays, they will also have the opportunity to preach in the English service, a cross-cultural experience with members from India, South Korea, Nigeria, and South Africa. 
  • Any ESL experience would be helpful in working with students. In addition, any musical skills would be helpful for worship. The children in the schools learn music lessons and art in addition to typical school subjects so any experience in these areas would be helpful.
  • The city is inaccessible to those with physical handicaps that limit walking. While we could accommodate them for some activities, most buildings are several stories with no elevators and the roads are quite difficult to navigate. Most staff members are fluent in English. Details
  • Date available: January 4-25, 2016 and Mid June through August, 2016. (School is not in session from the middle of May to the middle of June.) Students are welcome to stay 2 weeks or longer. 
  • Minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 BDS students at a time. They could come at various times, but it would be most convenient for at least 2 students to come at a time. 
  • Housing: After a few nights in a local hotel students stay at one of several ministry sites, in the schools. 
  • Pricing: approx $2,300 (Reservations need to be made at least 2-3 months in advance or the cost will be more
  • Students are responsible for booking their own travel to and from India, but GNCEM will schedule the entire time you are there and provide travel and housing help and information.

6. Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Mentors/overseers: Samford alum C and her husband  
  • Church planting among people of Middle Eastern descent.
  • June 6-July 9, 2016 (Possibly late July 2016-early August)
  • # of students: 2 are ideal, but would allow up to 3 
  • Housed with missionaries or possibly local folks.
  • Approx cost: $2300 

7. Middle East (with the Church at Brook Hills)

On this trip students will have several good opportunities to share with unbelievers, as people are open to talking in this area. The emphasis will be on evangelism—in parks and other places that people hang out and start up conversations. This trip is part of a long-term partnership in that area with several workers, and a part of connecting with a newer group.

  • January 8 – January 22, 2016
  • After turning in the CCMP application material to the Global Center and being approved, Beeson students can sign up here
  • Brook Hills members will get first priority (10 people total can go on the trip.) 
  • Estimated cost: $1500
  • Due dates: 9/10/15 deposit of $100 due, 10/10/15 $650 (needed for plane flight), 11/9/15 $350, 12/9/15 $350
  • The deposit could possibly be delayed from 09/10/15 by a few days. Please notify the Global Center as soon as possible if you want to go on this trip. 

8. North Africa (with BDS alum)
Ministry mentor: BDS alum, N, and wife, A
  • N and A work with a Christian development agency, serving people through projects that help their livelihood and quality of life. 
  • Description of activities that Beeson students could participate in: visit development projects, visit other workers in the country who have a different ministry approach, observe and discuss local orthodox Islamic practice, as well as the folk Islam that is practiced in our area, prayer walks, prayer emphasized, meet local people. If a student were to have a professional skill outside of their ministry training, we might be able to find a service opportunity, but that would be based on that individual. Visit historical sites, such as ancient cities and worship sites of Canaanites (Baal worship), and Roman ruins, spots of early Christian martyrs and early Christian churches. Proficiency in French and/or Arabic would be very helpful but not necessary.
  • This is a great opportunity to learn about ministry in a Muslim, Arab context
  • Dates: Summer 2016 (the time frame may shorten to a particular month in the summer TBD.) 14-day trips available.
  • Students at one time: Maximum #: 3, Minimum #: 1
  • They could host either 1 married couple or 1-2 students of the same gender at our house, in a separate studio apartment. Compared to the US it would be small and a bit rough, but here would be considered normal. Also, a single woman could stay in the house of one of our female team-members
  • Cost approx. total: $2516.00
  • N & A will oversee the details. However, the student would be responsible for scheduling and paying for their flight to our country.
  • Theological distinctive: both personally and in our organization, we believe in and encourage female leadership and have women in leadership positions, so any student that were to come would need to be respectful of their position. Note that women would not be able to enter into a mosque.

9. Turkey, Istanbul (Anglican Frontier Mission, Church of the Resurrection-Anglican)
Ministry Mentor(s)/Overseer(s): Rev. Engin Yildirim, David Meeks are both potential mentors depending on timing.

Description of activities that Beeson students can participate in:

  1. Take part in Church Based Leadership Development Program, assist and assess.
  2. Informal language learning with congregants and others in Istanbul 
  3. Refugee ministry – medical, basic needs, encouragement, ministry
  4. Informal opportunities for evangelism – looking for coffee ministry context. 
  5. Administrative assistance (word processing, photocopying, printing, filing, etc...)
  6. Will fully immerse in church community on Sundays (note members come from up to 2 hours away so Sunday is the best gathering time. ) 
  7. Will assist on Sunday mornings as fits.
  • Dates: End of November 2015-January 2016 (Applications due 45 days in advance) 
  • Mid-May through Mid-June 2016 (This may include an eastern Turkey trip) 
  • 14 days minimum. We prefer 4-6 weeks
  • 1-6 people allow at a time, but 2 people preferred. All students should attend at the same time 
  • Housing: utilize a local hostel run by Christians
  • Approx $2000 for 2 week trip. (add approx. $250 pr additional week)
  • AFM will oversee details in cooperation with Father Engin for all details with the understanding that students will be required to move about the city unsupervised. Students who are self-starters who will take the initiative to serve and witness will thrive more than students who are looking for a 24/7 guided ministry experience
  • Mobility is required. Istanbul has many buildings with no elevators

10. Washington (Sacred Road Ministries, Yakama Reservation)
Students working with Sacred Roads Ministry will have the opportunity to work with the community of Native Americans in White Swan, WA under the leadership of Chris Granberry. Scared Road focuses on bringing hope to the people of White Swan through community rebuilding, occupational training and education. In addition, Sacred Road offers an after-school program, Kingdom Kids, and youth groups to provide a refuge for young people in White Swan. 
  • Ministry activities: Work-site projects (painting, roofing, small building projects) with the short-term teams that come in the summer. Children’s Ministry in project housing areas on the Reservation. Any work related to church planting cross-culturally. 
  • Learn about Church planting, cross-cultural ministry, poverty culture, Indian Reservations 
  • Ministry mentor: Chris Granberry and Darren Maxfield
  • Date available: June 4—August 6, 2016
  • 2-week trips available; students are also invited to apply for summer 12-week internships
  • Minimum 1, maximus 4 students during the summer. 
  • Housing: In host homes
  • Cost approx. $1500 total ($1000 + airfare and shuttle)
  • Students are responsible for booking their own travel to and from Washington. SR will arrange housing, food, work directions, cultural orientation, etc. They will make their own travel arrangements but we are happy to help plan.

*There is a possibility that we will be adding a few trips in the coming months:
• Rwanda, Anglican Church, summer 2016
• Oaxaca City, Mexico with Reaching and Teaching, summer 2016
• A trip TBD with The Church at Brookhills, summer 2016
• East Asia, Anglican Frontier Mission, summer 2016
• East Asia, Samford Univ Office of Spiritual Life, 6 weeks during summer 2016