Alumni Serving Cross Culturally

Please pray for the following Beeson alumni serving cross culturally

International Missionaries and Christian Workers:
B. (MDiv 1999) and A. B., Secure Area

P. (MDiv 2013) and L. B., East Asia
Gary and Julie Simrell (MTS 97) Clifton, Spain
M. (MTS 03) and B. C., Secure Area,
N.C. (MDiv 12), South Asia
D. (MDiv 05) and L. C., Secure Area
N. (MDiv 98) and K. F., Secure Area
J. (MDiv 96) and B. H. Secure Area
Chase (MDiv 09) and Amy Kuhn, Australia
C. (MDiv 10) and L. M., East Asia
Bill (MDiv 98) and Cheryl Nikides, Eastern Europe
Allen (MATS 13) and Sarah Nunnally, Uganda
Groesbeck and Katherine (MTS 10) Parham, Zambia
Jon (MDiv 04) and Tanya Parks, Slovakia
Kyle (MTS 98) and Vicki Quarterson, South Africa
Chase (MDiv 05) and Kelli Reynolds, Indonesia
Nate (MDiv 08) and Amy S., North Africa
Ben (MDiv 00) and Candi W., North Africa
Ryan (MDiv 99) and Julie Wiggins, Singapore
Josh (MDiv 03) and Elizabeth Wilson, Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

Parker Windle (MDiv 08), France

International Alumni Serving their Home Cultures:

Dennis (MDiv 00) and Vania Aggrey, Liberia
Gantumur (MDiv 13) Badrakh and Deegii Gantumur, Mongolia
Rashell Beya (MTS 98) England
Edmilson (MDiv 99) and Helen (MTS 99) Bizerra, Brazil
Daniel (MTS 00) and Dinah Chelagat, Kenya
R. (MTS 04) and E.D., Secure Area
Eddie (MDiv 93) and Charlesetta Gibson, Liberia
Aaron Matti (MDiv 01) and Bancy Kiura (MDiv 04) Kenya
Asangla Ao (MDiv 01) and A.K. Lama (DMin 02) India
Samson (MDiv 93, DMin 99) and Mary Mathangani, Kenya
John (MDiv 97) and Anna Mokiwa ,Tanzania
Rejoice (MTS 05) and Beatrice Ndalima, Tanzania
Douglas (MDiv 96) and Beatrice Ngatunyi, Kenya
Andrei and Tatyana Shelanova Pogodina (MDiv. 08), Russia
David Riker (MDiv 97) Brazil
M (MDiv 04) and A. S. Secure Area
Awon Shanglai (MDiv 04) India
Oleg (MDiv 99) and Natalia Turlac, Moldova and Canada
Jing (MDiv 08) and Ruth Zhang Chinese ministry, Atlanta

North American Church Planters:
Matt (MDiv 01) and Lindsey Adair, Athens, GA
Andrew (MDiv 07) and Kim Arthur, Seattle, WA
Brian (MDiv 08) and Ashley Fulton, Chicago, IL
Troy (MDiv 04) and Heather Greene, Brooklyn, NY
Matt (MDiv 2013) and Naomi Owens, Boston, MA

Compassion and Discipleship Ministries:
Spike Burt (MDiv 09), Jimmie Hale Mission, Birmingham

Joe (MDiv 08) and Melissa Dentici, RUF, Penn State, State College, PA
James (MDiv 10) and Heidi Drake,  Campus Crusade, Coral Gables, FL
Ryan (MDiv 93) and Meredith Hankins, MPower Ministries, Birmingham
Brian (MDiv 09) and Lindsey Keen, Brother Bryan Ministries, Birmingham
Gerald Bray (Research Professor of Divinity), England

Military Chaplains:
Loren Aderholt (MDiv 99), Chaplain US Army

Mark Allison (DMin 2012), Chaplain US Navy
Robert Allman (MDiv 97), Chaplain US Army
Richard Anderson (MDiv 96), Chaplain US Air Force
Kaelan Clay (MDiv 08), Chaplain US Navy
Philip Coffman (MDiv 09), Chaplain US Navy
Jim Dewey (MDiv 07), Chaplain US Navy
Juan Ford (MDiv 10)), Chaplain US Army
J. R. Harris (MDiv 05) CRE Chaplain
Fred McGuffin (MDiv 93), Chaplain US Navy
Glenn Page (MDiv 95), Chaplain US Air Force
Nashaunna Sanders (MDiv 08), Chaplain US Navy
Tim Shepherd (MDiv 08), Chaplain US Army
Steve Simpson (MDiv 98), Chaplain US Army
Mark Smith (MDiv 05), Chaplain US Air Force
Fr. Daniel Sparks (MDiv 05), Chaplain US Army
James Spencer (MDiv 05), Chaplain US Army
Dan Urquhart (MDiv 98), Chaplain US Army
Nathan White (MDiv 08), Chaplain US Army

Please note that Beeson alumni serving in sensitive areas are listed by initials. For more specific prayer requests for these alumni, please contact the Global Center. If you are aware of other Beeson alumni serving in these types of ministries, please contact the Global Center at