Alumni Blog Roll

Are you a Beeson Alum? Do you have a blog? If so, let us know!

Clay Hallmark (M.Div. 1992)- Your Life Matters

Ryan F. Whitley (D.Min., 1996)- Just One More 

Ron Ethridge (D. Min. 1997)- Redemption Ministries Blog
2 Corinthians 1:3-7

Nathan Fleming (M.Div. 1998)- Thimblerig’s Ark

Ed Stetzer (D.Min. 1998)- The Exchange

Matt Adair (M.Div. 2001)- Content to Help You Lead  

Andrew Byers (M.Div. 2001)- Hopeful Realism
Thoughts on Scripture theology, church, art and culture.

Josh Dear (M.Div. 2001)- Echoes of the Elect

Kevin A Thompson (M.Div. 2002)-

Jeff Gissing (M.Div. 2002)-
A blog about the gospel and culture, missional theology and reformed spirituality.

Glenn Davis (M.Div. 2002)- The Glorious Deeds of Christ

Tommye Lambert (M.Div. 2002)- Live and Proclaim

Michael Kelley (M.Div. 2004)- Forward Progress
Faith is putting one foot in front of the other.

Garland Vance (M.Div. 2005)- With God Leadership

Justin Wainscott (M.Div. 2005)- Theology in Verse  
Hymns, Sacred Poems, and Other Theological Musings

Lanier Nail (M.Div. 2006)- St Paul’s Anglican Church Blog
Evangelical faith. Ancient Heritage. Spirit-filled life.

Jermaine Gadson (M.Div. 2007)-

Christian George (M.Div. 2007)- The Spurgeon Center Blog

Meredith Teasley (M.Div. 2007)-
Adventures in kid ministry, leadership and life.

Nancy Carroll (M.T.S. 2008)- Broomtree Ministry
Beholding | Believing | Becoming

Kristen Padilla (M.Div. 2008)-
Reflections on God, Scripture, and the Christian life.

Leslie Ann Jones (M.Div. 2008)-
For the Love of God.

Bryan Gill (M.Div. 2009)- Above the Screen
Where life happens.

Jacob Gerber (M.Div. 2009)- Guard the Deposit
Bible studies and sermon notes.

Cole Huffman, (D.Min. 2010)- Where is the Fourth? 
Writings by Cole Huffman 

Casey Hobbs (M.Div. 2010)- God is For Us
Non-religious thoughts on Christian spirituality.

Sam Fielder (M.Div. 2010)- Fielder’s Choice
Ramblings, stories, and general awkwardness from the life of Sam.

Brett Davis (M.Div. 2011)- Beautiful Theology

Jonathan Haefs (M.Div. 2011)- The Joy of Glory

Discovering endless joy in the boundless glory of God.

Dillon Thornton (M.Div. 2011)- Mindful of God

Mark Allison (D.Min. 2012)- Spiritual Vision

Dax Hughes (D.Min. 2012)- Infected Saint

Amy Jackson (M.Div. 2013)-
somewhere between the end & the point where we begin

Matt Owens (M.Div. 2013)- Matt in Boston