Advanced Standing

If you wish to be considered for advanced standing, please read the procedures below and email the requested information to Susan McNabb, Secretary for the Office of the Associate Dean, at 


Students who have taken undergraduate courses that parallel or intersect with Divinity School courses may be granted Advanced Standing for those relevant courses. Students are not given credit for courses taken previously. Rather, they may take advanced courses in the specific areas in which they are granted Advanced Standing. For instance, a student who is given Advanced Standing for DVNT511 and DVNT 512 will be required to take six credits of electives in DVNT Greek exegesis courses.


The following procedures will govern the granting of Advanced Standing.

1. To discern relevant parallel or intersecting courses, the student will compare his/her undergraduate or graduate classes with the curriculum outlined in the Beeson Bulletin corresponding with his/her term of entry in the divinity school.
2. For any parallel or intersecting course identified, the student will prepare an email to the Associate Dean identifying the course in which he/she would like to be granted Advanced Standing. The student should also include a syllabus of the completed course as well as a copy of the transcript reflecting the grade obtained in the course. All of this should be emailed to Susan McNabb at
3. The Associate Dean will analyze these and consult with relevant faculty members as needed.
4. The Associate Dean will provide a memo on Advanced Standing for the Records Officer and the student.

Please note that failure to provide the documentation as noted above may result in a request being denied. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all necessary information is supplied no later than two weeks before the first day of class in the semester for which advanced standing is sought.


October 2011